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Professional Massage Therapy and Spa Services. Established since 2001. Ms. Finley, Nurse Massage Therapist, is Primary Therapist on site. We offer a wide selection of services that are always booked by appointment. Please call, text, email, or Facebook message for available appointments. All gift certificates sold under the name Windsor Spa will be honored at Stone River Spa LLC.

What people are saying about it....

I had one of the best massages of my life last weekend with Miriam. It was not a paint-by-numbers massage where they have a set number of minutes they spend on each area with no regard. to what is going on with your body. Miriam not only knew where I was holding tension and spent more time in those areas, but she also used a variety of techniques that released blocked energy. Miriam is very intuitive and truly does excellent body work.

Robin Cahill- Roberts

"My partner and I had a couples massage — relaxing and romantic! Stone River Spa LLC made sure that we felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the whole massage. Great value for money, convenient location and nice ambiance.”

Reese Mathers

Miriam is awesome - saw me on her day off because I was in so much pain - very professional -wonderful
Kristy Gardner-Swinson
(reviewed Stone River Spa LLC — 5 star | July 11 at 6:33pm )


I was very skeptical about massages. I had heard many unsavory stories about them, but I was in pain and nothing else would help. I started out extremely nervous, but half way through I fell asleep!!! When it was over, I awoke feeling wonderful!!!!!!
I would highly recommend Miriam to anyone who is nervous or turned off by massages in the past. She is professional and really understands her clients. She has a knack for finding your "ropes" and working them out. She has been serving Americus for more than 15 years, longer than any other therapist around here. 


Yahoo Local User - Ringo 2006

Miriam is awesome! She not only provides a well rounded massage, but goes above and beyond to target tight & sore areas and make it completely tailored to your needs. I wouldn't trust anyone else to provide me with an excellent massage

Turner Gruber

This place is awesome! Ms. Finley knows so much about what she is doing. I had an awesome massage, and she explained all about how the massage helps the muscles and nerves work, she knew the scientific names of the muscles and bones. I enjoyed listening to her talk about it and she answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand without making me feel like I was stupid. When the time was up and I got up off the table, I could turn my head again, (because I couldn't turn to look over my shoulder) and the pain in my shoulder was gone. She had to press pretty hard to work out the tightness but it was worth it to be able to turn my head around without it hurting. It was way less expensive than going to a doctor or chiropractor. SWEET!   

Yahoo Local User

I had the best massage I have ever experienced at this spa. The table was heated, and the attendants hands were warm. The pressure was just right, not too soft and not so deep that it hurt, but enough to make me feel really, really relaxed!!!!When it was over, I got a 24oz bottle of water. I was able to use my credit card and the price was very reasonable. I was very pleased.

Sincerely, Bonita

Always a great massage and I come out feeling wonderful - 5 Star 

Nadine Harbuck Shirley

 I have been going to Miriam as long as she has been in business. She is awesome. She knows how to work all your kinks out! And she does her best to get you in as soon as she can. So whether you need a massage for relaxation or to have your kinks worked out, you can depend on Miriam to do that! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT! 

Sam Goodin Reese

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